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Coming Soon...

Science Fiction 101 is a podcast series where we explore the science fiction field from all angles - covering the past, the present, and the future! Your hosts will be: Phil Nichols –a fan of SF in all media, an expert on the work of Ray Bradbury, and host of the podcast Bradbury 100 and the Youtube series Bradbury 101 . Colin Kuskie – a fan of SF in adaptation, and co-host of the long-running podcast Take Me To Your Reader .   In the first episode, Phil and Colin introduce themselves, and outline their personal backgrounds in science fiction. They then proceed to the tricky business of finding a definition of “science fiction”. Many have explored this dangerous territory, but few have made it back alive!   Then, following the format which will hold for the whole series, they will discuss: THE PAST – exploring the origins of the genre; influential writers; important films and books THE PRESENT – what are Colin and Phil reading and watching now? THE FUTURE – ou