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Previously on Science Fiction 101...

Science Fiction 101 is the audio podcast series where two fans of the genre discuss their favourite books, films and stories: Colin is particularly fascinated by adapted science fiction, and Phil is hooked on Bradbury and other great writers of SF past and present. Each episode sees our intrepid hosts grappling with a big theme, and then offering up suggestions of great past, present and future sci-fi. Are you up to date with the show? Here are direct links to all the episodes so far. And there are more to come. Don't forget that the best way to never miss an episode is to subscribe using a podcast app. At the bottom of this page, you'll find a list of all the podcast places that carry our show. Take your pick, and subscribe! Episode 1 - It's Alive! Episode 2 - It's About Time Episode 3 - Gimme Some Space Episode 4 - This is an Ex-Podcast Episode 5 - Full of Grace Episode 6 - Quizzer's Revenge Episode 7 - We Goes There Episode 8 - It's Not The End Of The World E

It's Not The End Of The World... (episode 8)

This time on Science Fiction 101 we talk about the end of the world! We also - going off at a considerable tangent - review the short story "Little Free Library" by Naomi Kritzer (a story which you can read for free here ). Our quiz this time, sent in by a listener, is taken from - which has plenty of other interactive quizzes. Check them out! Among the items recommended in today's episode: Adam Roberts' award-winning examination of end-of-the-world ideas, It's the End of the World - But what are we really afraid of ? Michael Benson's Space Odyssey: Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, and the Making of a Masterpiece 1951 George Pal classic When Worlds Collide Phil's Bradbury 100 - LIVE event (21st August) can be found here, on Facebook .     Enjoy the show! Other podcast platforms carrying Science Fiction 101 include:   Amazon Music - Anchor - Apple Podcasts/iTunes - Audible - Breaker - Bullhorn - Castbox - Deezer - Google Pod