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I Foresee What You Did There (episode 20 of the podcast)

We're back, with an episode in which we review a spiffy new book, The Skeptics' Guide to the Future. Written by Steven Novella (with assistance from Bob Novella and Jay Novella), who you may know as the host of the long-running podcast The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe. The book is published next month, but is available for pre-order now ( Amazon US , Amazon UK - and from all good bookshops). Other items that pop up during the episode include: Olber's paradox - Donald Fagen's IGY - Mary Robinette Kowal's next book - Brian Winston's supervening social necessity - Sputnik (2020) - 45 years of Close Encounters - Graham Gouldman's musical celebration of the James Webb Space Telescope , feat. Dr Brian May We hope you enjoy the episode!         Other podcast platforms carrying Science Fiction 101 include:   Amazon Music - Anchor - Apple Podcasts/iTunes - Audible - Breaker - Bullhorn - Castbox - Deezer - Google Podcasts - Listen Notes