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Do As A.I. Say (episode 19 of the podcast)

Time for another episode of the podcast, and this time we delve into our favourite sci-fi artificial intelligences. We largely ignore ambulatory A.I., so you won't find much talk of robots or androids here. Instead we try (but don't always succeed) to discuss the type of A.I. that won't chase you down a corridor or strangle you. Among the works mentioned are some Star Treks ; some Keith Laumer , Asimov , Clarke and Gerrold ; and several classic movies that highlight our human terror at the thought that computers might one day take over. Read more about science fiction's use of artificial intelligence in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and the Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction . Other things that pop up in our discussion include: The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Fiction Facebook group Andy Weir's Facebook AMA Is the Gunstar a Better Design than the Starfury ? on YouTube Patricia McKillip Fredric Brown  We hope you enjoy our discussion - and p