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...Full of Grace...

Time for a new episode of the podcast! And this time we review Andy Weir's smash-hit of a novel, Project Hail Mary. We also offer a sci-fi quiz, and give our usual run-through of recommendations of past/present/future science fiction. Enjoy the episode below - or scroll down for links to the various podcast platforms that carry the podcast. Also below are links to all the things we discuss in the show.     Show Notes Take the SF quiz , courtesy of File 770 ! Project Hail Mary on Amazon US and on Amazon UK . Andy Weir uses the idea of panspermia in his book. Mary Robinette Kowal reviewed the book for the Washington Post . Experience time as Eridians do ! Phil may be the only person alive who remembers Sparky's Magic Piano . 2021 is one hundred years since the birth of Stanislaw Lem , the Polish author best known for Solaris .  Keith Laumer's Bolo series.  Love Death and Robots, Volume 2 from Netflix. Riot Baby by Tochi Onyebuchi - no


Just a quick post to report a couple of things: 1. All episodes of the Science Fiction 101 podcast are now on Youtube (audio only, of course, but with a bit of video loopery on-screen to hypnotise you) 2. Our next episode will be out around the end of the month - and we will be reviewing Andy Weir's new novel Project Hail Mary. If you haven't already read it, why not pick up a copy at Amazon (or wherever you get your books) and see what you think of our opinions on the book!   Podcast platforms carrying Science Fiction 101 include:   Amazon Music - Anchor - Apple Podcasts/iTunes - Audible - Breaker - Bullhorn - Castbox - Deezer - Google Podcasts - Listen Notes - Player FM - Pocket Casts - Podbean - The Podcast App - Podchaser - Podtail - RadioPublic - Spotify - Stitcher - TuneIn - YouTube  

This is an Ex-Podcast...

We're up to episode four of the podcast, and Phil has vowed to stop counting beyond this point! Our theme this time is "ex-science fiction" - in other words things that have gone from fiction to fact. If you can identify Phil's mystery sound, post a comment down below. And if you have any questions or comments on this episode, do the same, and we'll answer you on the show.      Show Notes  The Locus Awards are listd here . The two non-fiction books Phil recommended from the shortlist are Bradbury Beyond Apollo by Jonathan R. Eller and The Visual History of Science Fiction Fandom from First Fandom. Destination Moon was the first "serious" attempt to show a Moon landing in a Hollywood movie. Colin is eagerly anticipating Andy Weir's new book . Phil is looking forward to the new adaptation of John Wyndham's The Midwich Cuckoos. Phil suggests you re-visit the works of the great L. Sprague de Camp . Colin, mea