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Welcome to the Future (episode 14 of the podcast)

Time for a new episode of Science Fiction 101! Following our trip to the past to review a 70-year-old issue of Galaxy Science Fiction magazine, this time we come bang up to date (well, near enough) by reviewing the December 2021 issue of Clarkesworld . If you're not familiar with it, Clarkesworld is one of the most successful current science fiction magazines, and has produced many award-winning stories in recent times. And: it is free. Entirely free. You can view and read the issue we're reviewing right here: Also in this episode, Colin springs a fiendish 1950s sci-fi movie quiz on Phil. Join us to test your own knowledge of those shaky, flickery SF movies of yore! We took the quiz from here: -  but we only used the first 15 questions, and there are plenty more where that came from. Finally, Colin's report of a Sleestak attack is validated on Facebook . This even