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Lie Your Way To Mars (episode 12 of the podcast)

An eclectic episode this time, as we consider Steven Paul Leiva's new book Extraordinary Voyages which pairs Cyrano de Bergerac with Baron Munchausen for a trip to Mars; offer up a film adaptation quiz; discuss science fiction museums such as the UK's new Museum of Film and Sci-Fi ; reflect on short-lived sci-fi TV shows ; and revisit the short stories of Robert Silverberg . And we announce our plan for our next episode: we're going to do a cover-to-cover review of a seventy-year-old science fiction magazine! For Christmas 2021, we're going to read the December 1951 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction , and we invite you to join us. You can view or download the entire issue here: Here's the podcast episode. Enjoy!     Other podcast platforms carrying Science Fiction 101 include:   Amazon Music - Anchor - Apple Podcasts/iTunes - Audible - Breaker - Bullhorn - Castbox - Deezer - Google Podcasts - Listen N