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It's About Time - episode 2 of the podcast!

Here's our new podcast episode, in which Phil and Colin consider the persistence of the concept of time travel. And we have a little guess-the-mystery-sound competition, albeit with no prizes to speak of other than (a) some small kudos and (b) a shout-out on our next episode. (Post a comment if you can identify the sound.)



Among our discussion topics this episode:

"Science fiction" or "sci-fi"? 

Phil's Facebook post sharing the hard-to-find James Gunn recommended-reading list.

Colin's other podcast, Take Me To Your Reader reaches 100 episodes.

Octavia E. Butler's Kindred ...and the planned TV adaptation of it. 

Danish Netflix series The Rain.

Elizabeth Bear's short story "Dolly", and the news report that it is being filmed.

J.Michael Straczynski's pledge to publish Harlan Ellison's legendary The Last Dangerous Visions


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